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American Heart Association To Stock Indiana Pantries, Partners With 11 Local Businesses

A national organization known as the American Heart Association has partnered with businesses to stock food pantries in Indiana.

February 19, 2024

Indianapolis- A national organization has announced its partnership with 11 local businesses to stock several food pantries across Indiana and that too with healthier options.

The American Heart Association made an announcement this week regarding its partnership with local businesses in Central Indiana to stock food pantries with options like whole wheat pasta, vegetables, and dried fruits.

AHA Director of Communications Tim Harms said, “I think healthy foods are often just a choice, especially when we look at something like doing this food drive. There are a lot of healthy foods out there in the grocery stores for those who want to purchase those and donate those items towards the food drive. it’s just a matter of searching out the healthier option.”

Some of the businesses AHA has partnered with to pull off the donation drive include TSW Utility Solutions, Weddle Bros. Construction, Etica Group, GEMCO, Cardiac Surgery Associates, Citizens Energy Group, FA Wilhelm, and Tesco.

Interested ones can drop their donations off at the Nutrition Hub at Methodist Hospital and Crooked Creek Pantry in Northwest Indianapolis. This donation event will go on till February 23.

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