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Applicants Face Delays In Food Stamps In Alaska

 Despite the availability of food stamps in Alaska, plenty of applications are pending approval. 

October 20, 2023

The old applications plaguing the state for more than a year have been processed by Alaska’s food assistance program but still, applicants have to wait for up to three months to receive the benefits. 

The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program federally funded by the state served around 90,000 Alaskans last year which is about 12% of the population. 

Thousands were waiting for help buying food in April 2023. It was revealed that the division has hired more people to process the applications. The oldest applications and renewals were their top priority. 

The processing waiting period at present is 3 months. However, people with low income will have access to benefits without waiting for the department to catch up. The applications labeled as “new backlog” are easier to process than others as the applicant’s information is up to date. During the time they have been waiting, people are also less likely to change jobs or move somewhere else. 

At present, two teams are looking after the applications and renewals. There are nearly 8500 pending applications and renewals but the team’s processing time is about 500 cases in a week. 

Etheridge revealed that the department is developing an online application for SNAP, set to launch in December. She believes the online format will improve application accuracy by preventing omissions in mandatory fields. Additionally, the department is working on an online client portal to streamline application management and enhance communication transparency.


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