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Bay Area Food Banks Need More Volunteers Due To The Higher Need

There is a great shortage of volunteers in food banks and food banks in nearly all counties need more volunteers.

May 25, 2023

San Jose, California- According to a major local food bank, food insecurity in the Bay area is back to the pandemic level. Despite the need, the number of volunteers is quite low.

Second Harvest of Silicon Valley assists individuals and organizations across Santa Clara and San Mateo Counties.

The Vice President of a food bank Tracy Weatherby said, “Most people who are getting free groceries from different organizations, those organizations are getting that food from us for free”. Consequently, the food bank plays a crucial role in ensuring that the community gets the food it needs.

Having the food bank is not optional as providing that service has become the need of the hour these days.

Weatherby said, “People are shocked to realize that we’re serving, at this point, as many people as we were at the peak of the pandemic because it seems like the crisis is over, but the crisis is far from over for low-income people”.

No doubt that the food bank needs monetary donations but the biggest concern, for now, is the volunteers. Otherwise, meeting production targets will become next to impossible in the coming weeks.

It’s not just that the Bay Area food banks need volunteers. It’s the same thing in every county. Due to the lack of resources and increased need, food banks need volunteers. Moreover, there are plenty of tasks that anyone can do from boxing produce to sorting milk and eggs.

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