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Blue Ridge Area Food Bank To Get a New Fridge

Blue Ridge Food Bank has received donations using which, it is planning to buy a fridge to store cold and perishable items.

February 21, 2024

Charlottesville, VA- Charlottesville city council moved forward to allocate $215,000 to the Blue Ridge Area food bank this Tuesday night.

This means that more people in Charlottesville are about to get cold and perishable items. Blue Ridge Area food bank says that it needs to increase its capacity to meet the rising demand of people.

Right now, the food bank is turning away fresh produce and other perishable items because there is no fridge at this moment.

CEO of Blue Ridge Area Food Bank Michael McKee said, “We are now together with our community partners serving way more people than at the very worst part of the pandemic. We have got to find a way to increase our capacity, but not take resources away from acquiring food. That’s the catch-22. That’s where the city comes in.”

The food bank is set to receive $215,000, sourced from unspent federal funds allocated under the Community Development Block Grant. This funding will be used to double the food bank’s cold storage capacity.

McKee said, “We’ve got all manner of produce plus some meat products, eggs, dairy, anything that requires refrigeration. We have available to us a lot of produce from throughout the state and elsewhere.”

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