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College Students Across The Country Found To Be Most Food Insecure

Nearly 60% of college students are found to be food insecure so Cleveland State University is providing them access to groceries and resources of all kinds.

December 20, 2023

Cleveland- Hunger is not only on the rise across the country but also in Ohio. Food insecurity is part of the “Health, Hope and Healing” series with the Ohio Department of Health.

Success is not only what is happening inside the classrooms but much more than that for students. Cleveland State University learns about the challenges students are facing these days.

University’s Dean of Students Ali Martin Scofield said, “We recognize that our students are experiencing so much that can impact their ability to be successful students, whether that be food insecurity, housing insecurity, mental health supports and resources….and just navigating higher education can be challenging”.

The University offers the LUV! Food Pantry is a choice market that assists students in meeting their nutritional and basic human needs while pursuing a college degree. LUV! stands for Lift Up Vikes! and is distinct because it is centrally located on campus, within the heart of student life, amid classes and food courts, specifically inside Berkman Hall.

From students to families and even community members, the food pantry’s goal is to serve anyone who needs their help.

Martin Scofield said, “I think Lift Vikes! is a trend-setting pantry, but there are a lot of colleges and universities really looking at food insecurity. And I think Covid highlighted an existing problem and maybe exacerbated it. We are serving upwards of 350 students a week.”

On average, 60% of students are food insecure due to which, the food pantry is open to everyone who signs up for the appointment.

The staff and volunteers at the food pantry are working hard to make the experience great for students visiting the pantry. A tour of the food pantry was also taken to explain that the pantry operates on a food choice model.

“We are not a traditional food bank. We’re a food pantry. So we give the students that come here the opportunity to pick out what they want, or pick out what they need.”

The food pantry is stocked with appealing food to college students such as snacks, non-perishable items, toiletries, baby care items, and grab-and-go items.

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