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Dollar General Gives 15.2 Million Pounds of Food To Combat Hunger Crisis in US

Dollar General has donated around 15.2 Million pounds of food to combat food insecurity in the U.S.

February 25, 2024

Dollar General has reportedly donated an enormous amount of food to aid those in need to tackle the issue of hunger.

Fox San Antonio revealed that the company gave away 15.2 Million pounds of food in 2023 along with Feeding America, a nonprofit organization committed to eradicating food scarcity in the United States.

These donations act as a lifeline for around 44 Million Americans struggling with food insecurity. The donations done by Dollar General have reached the local food banks and the San Antonio food bank.

Texas received 2 Million pounds which is a boost to the state’s hunger relief efforts. Kentucky alone spent nearly 2.3 Million pounds to address hunger in the state and 955,000 went to the local branch of Feeding America, Kentucky’s Heartland.

Since the start of their partnership in 2021, Dollar General has made significant contributions to communities across the nation, donating $3 million in cash and providing in-kind food donations equivalent to over 24 million meals. This widespread corporate philanthropy plays a crucial role in supporting communities where Dollar General may be the only retail option available, thus acting as a vital source of sustenance for many.

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