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Dollar General To Help Blue Ridge Area Food Bank

Dollar General donated around 585,000 pounds of food to Blue Ridge Area Food Bank in 2023 along with other Food Banks.

February 20, 2024

Charlottesville, VA- In 2023, Dollar General made a significant donation of over 585,000 pounds of food to Virginia’s Feeding America food banks, with the Blue Ridge Area Food Bank being among the notable recipients of this contribution.

Dollar General’s Vice President Denine Torr said, “As millions of U.S. households struggle with food insecurity, Dollar General is utilizing our store and distribution center footprint to advance efforts to eliminate hunger and create access to nourishing foods for families in need through our Feeding America partnership. We are collectively working on strategies to address immediate and longer-term needs of our communities and neighbors through food recovery efforts and capacity-building grants for local and regional food banks.”

In 2023, the company made substantial donations, contributing over 15.2 million pounds of food to various food banks. Among the beneficiaries of both food and monetary donations from Dollar General were Feeding Southwest Virginia and Feed More.

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