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Food Banks Struggling To Keep Up Amidst Rising Food Insecurity

Food insecurity is rising in the U.S. and donations are falling which in turn are making things difficult for the food banks. 

December 14, 2023

Food insecurity has increased due to which food banks are struggling to keep up with the rising demand.

The research conducted by Feeding America reveals that salaries in America are not keeping up with the expenses. 

Seattle Ballard Food Bank said, “We’re also seeing not only the impact of inflation on our guests that come in to shop. We’re also seeing it on us as we go to buy food.” 

The food bank had to buy plenty of food to serve the needy people. Similar issues have been reported by the Texas Food Bank. 

The United States Department of Agriculture report revealed that 13.5 Million people became food insecure. 

Vince Hall with Feeding America said, “We estimate that almost 50 million people visited food banks in the past year seeking help. The federal government and state governments have rolled back almost all of the supports that were provided to people who were struggling during the pandemic at the very time that inflation was taking an extra large bite out of their monthly income.”

The only best way forward would be more donations and volunteers. The food banks are in need of donations, volunteers’ time, and their voices to spread the message of hunger being a solvable problem. 

Fortunately, there are more volunteers and donations this holiday season according to Feeding America. 


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