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Food Lion Provides 18.3 Million Meals via Orange Bag Campaign

Food Lion is committed to providing more than 18.3 Million meals via its orange bag campaign to make sure needy people have food at their table.

March 29, 2024

Salisbury, NC- Food Lion has been supporting communities for many years and has now provided 18.3 Million meals via its sixth annual Food Lion Feeds Orange Bag campaign.
Food Lion strives to provide access to nutritious food via this initiative, address food insecurity, and nourish neighbors who are experiencing hunger. The Orange Bag campaign benefits the nation’s largest domestic hunger-relief organization, Feeding America along with its partner food banks via Food Lion’s 10-state operating area.

Since the inception of the Food Lion Feeds Orange Bag campaign, customers have helped by providing more than 25 Million meals through the sale of specially marked orange bags and cash donations. Food Lion founded Food Lion Feeds in 2014 to address food insecurity in the town and communities it serves.

Due to the price rise, individuals and families are experiencing financial adversity and food insecurity leading more and more people to seek food assistance for the first time.

The U.S. Department of Agriculture’s annual report revealed that food insecure households in the U.S. increased to 44 Million out of which, 13 Million are children. This means that 1 in 7 individuals have no idea whether they’ll be able to afford their next meal or not. Consequently, Food Lion Feeds has partnered with Feeding America to ensure neighbors have access to nutritious food.

Senior Vice President of Corporate Partnerships, Feeding America Lauren Biedron said, “After seeing a 31% increase in 2022, the food insecurity rate is the highest it’s been since 2014. It’s clear that more needs to be done to achieve a food-secure future for everyone, which is why we are grateful for our dedicated partners, like Food Lion, and their ongoing commitment to the movement to end hunger.”

The Orange Bag Campaign was held from February 28- March 19 during which customers purchased orange bags marked by Food Lion feeds and made cash donations during the checkout at Food Lion stores. Customers had the option to use digital keypads to donate a dollar or round up their purchases to support the cause in this campaign.

Manager at Food Lion Feeds, Food Lion Kevin Durkee said, “Every cash donation and orange bag purchase make a lasting impact to help nourish our neighbors. Working in collaboration with our partner food banks, we are honored to support their efforts to address food insecurity. We are committed to doing our part because everyone deserves access to nutritious food.”

Food Lion has provided more than 1.2 Billion meals to individuals and families since 2014 via food lion feeds. Not only this, Food Lion has also committed to donate 1.5 Million meals by 2025. You can visit the official website of Food Lion Feeds to learn more about its commitment.

If you donate $1, it helps to provide at least 10 meals secured by Feeding America. The orange bag campaign makes sure that on purchase of every bag, $0.50 will be donated to Feeding America and partner food banks. Food Lion is committed to donating a minimum of $200,000 from February 28 to March 19, 2024.

Food Lion helps to address food insecurity by donating money and equipment, investing in capital campaign support for feeding agencies, and volunteering.

About Food Lion

Food Lion is committed to nourishing its neighbors during critical moments. It has 1100+ stores to deliver fresh and affordable shopping experiences to states. Food Lion is the only company that has been named an ENERGY STAR partner of the year and that too for 23 years.

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