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Food Pantries To Encourage States To Increase SNAP Benefits To Feed People

The discussions are going on to increase the funding for the SNAP benefits to feed people and ensure that no one goes to sleep hungry.

February 20, 2024

Colden, New York- Food pantries across Western New York are urging the state to quadruple the minimum amount of SNAP dollars New Yorkers receive every month.

The food pantry is run two days a week and has become a lifeline for many in the community.
Ronald said, “We should be able to feed people, that’s a necessity”.

The food pantry can serve around 300 people every month. It is because everybody must eat well, be healthy, and survive. Otherwise, people end up feeling miserable. Michael Gilhooly serves around 1500 people a month.

Michael said, “We try to stretch what we have so that everyone can get something. And it’s becoming increasingly difficult to do that regularly.”

The people’s needs increase at the end of the month because they run out of SNAP benefits. Michael said, “We also serve a daily meal, our numbers are going up because people are running out of food by the middle of the month. We have an 80-year-old lady who gets the minimum, and she can barely get by with that.”

New York State can drop the minimum amount to as low as $23 per month for food. Fortunately, a bill increased this amount to four times and gave people $100 in SNAP per month.

This change was already made by New Jersey last year and they are giving 95 dollars in SNAP per month.

Michael said, “An increase in the availability of SNAP benefits will be huge to the people who need it the most”.

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