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Food Pantries To Shut Down As Hunger Grows

 It is estimated that 100,000 federal employees would be compelled to cut their budget due to the shutdown.

September 28, 2023

The largest food bank in the DMV area is prepared to assist federal workers who might face furloughs and families at risk of losing food assistance programs due to a potential government shutdown, offering support to those who may experience financial strains during this period. 

According to the president of the Capital Area Food Bank, the federal employees who are furloughed are expected to receive back pay but some households might miss a check which means cutting down on essentials. 

There are 100,000 federal workers out of 350,000 who earn $90,000 or less and these workers tend to be the primary providers of their households. 

But it is not only the federal workers who might need food assistance due to the shutdown. The 7 Million women and children who are recipients of the supplemental Nutrition assistance program for Women, Infants, and Children might also see the suspension of their benefits after the shutdown. 

Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) will operate as usual in October but there are chances of it getting impacted later on. 

In the event of a shutdown, the Capital Area Food Bank will provide groceries at pop-up locations for federal employees. The information regarding the same will be updated on the website. 

The people impacted should make a plan now and figure out how the crucial expenses such as rent, childcare, and transportation will be covered. The increased food demand means that the food bank will need more volunteers to pack groceries and make donations to the ones impacted by the shutdown.

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