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Glasgow School To Donate 100 Bags To Food Bank

The Glasgow school headteacher is proud to help pupils after Glasgow school donation of 100 bags of items to food banks.

December 14, 2023

The Headteacher of Glendale Gaelic’s Primary School, Alex Nicolson in Glasgow Southside along with the pupils and their families collected loads of donations. 

The collection was organized to support two important initiatives. Firstly, it aimed to contribute to the Glasgow Times Bank on Us campaign, which assists families in need of food during the holiday season. Secondly, the collection sought to raise funds for a toy appeal, ensuring that underprivileged families can give their children a toy this Christmas.

This year’s sponsors collected the bags whose Christmas-designed bus festively arrived at the primary. 

Pupils moved the bags from the school office to the bus and enjoyed taking part in it. The response to the collection was great. Nearly everyone supports the charitable events we do. he donation collected today will help needy people during the Christmas period. 

Alexis Cairnie said, “The donations that we have seen today were amazing and the kids have done a really good job. It is heartwarming as well that you can see the children care, their families care, about people less fortunate than them”. 

As part of their festive campaign, readers are encouraged to donate by filling bags provided in a November 15 edition with food items and delivering them to partner food banks. This year’s campaign is especially crucial due to the cost of living crisis, as many families are facing challenges in affording necessities like heating and food.

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