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Local Company To Deliver 3000 Turkeys To Food Banks

 A local company is helping the food bank to serve the migrants and families in need by donating nearly 3000 turkeys. 

November 24, 2023

The Metal of Honor Committee (MOH) via Hercules Industries goal is to raise $35000 to buy more than 3000 turkeys. 

The MOH Committee has managed to raise $30,000 and is lacking only $5000. The food bank the company is donating to is Samaritan House, located on Lawrence Street in Denver. 

The manager at Samaritan House said, “Our work here is really a diverse picture of helping people from all levels of the spectrum”. 

The organizers of the non-profit revealed that they help around 300 people daily. It’s like an everyday battle and this is where the MOH committee comes in. 

Rod Valdez, who helps in the distribution of hundreds of turkeys to local food banks, said, “Words don’t describe the feeling you get when you help the less fortunate. It’s a little small token to give back to the community.”

Nearly 1400 turkeys were delivered to the Samaritan House. This donation is more vital this year than any other time due to the increase in demand. 

The food bank is trying to deal with the migrant crisis and the turkeys are going to help the food bank make lunches for people coming to the warehouse. 

The MOH Committee has collected about 10,000 turkeys which is equal to around 140,000 lbs in the last six years. 

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