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Mesa Food Banks In Phoenix To Serve Thousands Ahead Of Holiday Season Unsplash

November 16, 2023

The food banks are also working overtime to meet the rising needs and ensure that no one goes hungry. Whenever it’s the holidays, the families gather together and it’s always about the food. 

Consequently, it’s important to ensure no family goes hungry not only during holidays but all year long. 

Usually, the Mesa food banks distribute around 5000 meals every day, and last year, it was distributed to around 2000 families in Arizona. 

The food banks are also finding that some people are going through ongoing struggle whereas others are experiencing this need for the first time. 

The biggest need of the food banks is the donations. United Food Bank is continuously seeking various food items, such as canned meat, fruits, vegetables, whole grain cereal, peanut butter, rice, pasta, soup, stew, chili, and beans. 

Meanwhile, St. Vincent de Paul in Phoenix experienced a significant increase in meal counts during the summer, with daily meal provision reaching 8,000 for individuals in need.

A spokesman at St. Vincent De Paul said, “We really need people to be making donations at the register and to be bringing in their canned goods”. 

Salvidar continues to give the donated turkeys into January and February. She said, “It’s just a good source of protein for those in need. So we really, really hope that people will go to their local Bashas’ or Food City, and when you get that little screen that pops up on your pin pad, please say yes that you want to donate… that will really help us fill some food boxes.”

The Valley Food banks are getting good response from the families they have helped. The volunteers at the food bank spend most of their time collecting the donations and distributing the meals.

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