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More And More Families Running To Food Banks Amid The Rising Inflation

With the end of SNAP benefits, more and more people and families are coming to food banks and seeking support amid the rising food prices.

July 26, 2023

A significant portion of individuals utilizing Ohio’s network of Feeding America food banks are faced with the difficult decision of purchasing food or covering essential expenses such as utilities and medicine. The main reason behind this is the high cost of food.

Nearly 2000 people who have used the services of the food banks were surveyed which in turn revealed that people use their SNAP benefits within the first two weeks of the month only. There were only 5% of participants whose SNAP benefits lasted the whole month.

Not only this, the food bank participants had to choose between paying for food or paying for other utilities such as gas, medicine, or housing.

The SNAP participants received more than $90 a month during the pandemic but this came to an end with the pandemic. Mike Stanley, a resident of North Ohio, lost those extra SNAP benefits. From $200 a month, he came down to $35 a month which made it difficult for him to make ends meet. Stanley easily brought healthier foods for himself with the SNAP benefits but now, things have become difficult for the SNAP participants.

It is the high food prices that are driving more people to food banks and pantries now than ever. Even families who have never sought food assistance from food banks and pantries are visiting.

Ohio’s Policymakers are encouraged to strengthen social safety net programs and increase funding for food banks.

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