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New York Edge And Its Partners Set To Launch Food Pantries

Three new food pantries were launched to provide free meals to the students and their families during the academic year.

March 18, 2024

The new food pantries have been launched near the three New York City schools and North Bronx to provide students with free meals and supplies they’ll be requiring during the academic year.

A ribbon-cutting ceremony was held on Wednesday, March 13 to celebrate the opening of three new food pantries by the non-profit organization New York Edge, Council member Kevin Riley’s office, and the Garden of Dreams foundation. The students and teachers also participated in the ribbon-cutting ceremony.

The ceremony also celebrated the opening of two other food pantries managed by the New York Edge. One food pantry was at a school in Manhattan and the other one was in Queens. Some students gave dance performances whereas others gave speeches and expressed their appreciation for receiving the new school amenity.

More than $130,000 in funding was provided for the three schools by the Garden of Dreams Foundation. The funds will be used to ensure that each school has a food pantry equipped with refrigeration and storage space for food. Besides this, the food pantries will also provide clothing, school supplies, and other items along with serving as a welcoming community space for students and families.

For instance, a New York Edge school P.S. 113X provides not only meals but clothing and home goods to students as well.

Director of community Engagement for New York Edge Gregory Dickinson said, “The purpose of having these new food pantries is to reduce food insecurity conditions for students and their families, while also providing students with the essentials they need to learn, strive and be successful”.

New York Edge along with the Garden of Dreams Foundation figured out the students’ needs by focusing on the areas in the city that are considered as food deserts. Food deserts are the areas where residents lack access to quality food and home goods.

Dickinson said, “The expenses of food, as well as clothing and school supplies, can be costly — and we are hoping to alleviate that burden for the students and their families”.

New York Edge, a longtime partner of the Garden of Dreams Foundation emphasizes bridging the gap between students from affluent backgrounds and the ones from underprivileged communities. This nonprofit organization has a record of serving more than 25000 young people across more than 100 locations.

The ribbon-cutting ceremony of the food pantries was also attended by two New York City sports greats- Brian Mullen and John Starks.

Mullen, currently teaching hockey to youth said, “It’s truly such an honor to be a part of this celebration of the opening of three new food pantries in the city. It’s important for children especially to know that they have food and other resources necessary to learn and strive.”

Garden of Dreams Foundation leaders said that the organization is feeling proud to be part of this initiative.

Starks said, “It takes a special person to believe in something that you do. Council Member Kevin Riley believes in this — and he’s going to make sure that sure that this food pantry stays stocked.”

Mullen and Starks shook hands, took pictures, and handed out items to students present there after the ribbon-cutting ceremony of P.S. 113X. Besides the children, the families also received hot meals along with pantry staples for the households after the event.

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