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Officials Trying Their Best To Address Food Insecurity

The rising food insecurity among people is making it difficult for people to fulfill their nutritional needs and making them rely on food banks and pantries. 

November 21, 2023

 Food Security was the main point of discussion as officials sat to discuss what could be done to help food banks and pantries in Western Massachusetts. 

The 21st Century Farms Commission in Massachusetts conducted its fifth public hearing, focusing on the state’s agricultural sector. Representatives from food banks and the public provided testimony, including Andrew Moorehouse, the executive director of the Food Bank of Western Massachusetts.

Moorehouse said, “All is not quiet out here. It is quite challenging for so many people, so many households, so many farmers”. 

Morehouse also revealed that one of the main themes was the importance of advancing community support which means making sure that not only households have food but the entire Massachusetts can grow the food and afford it. 

Moorehouse said, “We know that the climate is changing. We need to be more resilient as a society to be able to overcome these challenges. To do so, we have to be able to grow more of the food and distribute healthy food. We want to eat in towns or cities whether you’re food insecure or not, but if you are, we need to invest more resources into farms that can grow food”. 

Rachel’s Kitchen reported witnessing an increase in the need since the pandemic and revealed that food insecurity still hasn’t slowed down. The level of hunger at present is the same as it was during the pandemic. 

People’s salaries are falling short of the increased cost of living and rising inflation. One solution proposed by the commission is to increase food production and make the state resilient by 2030. The food banks of Western Massachusetts will continue to work with the commission and the government to put an end to hunger. 

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Officials working to address food security, agricultural difficulties (

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