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Publix Doubles Produce Donation To Food Banks

Publix is doubling its produce donation made to Feeding America Partner food banks in the U.S. amidst the rising food insecurity.

December 15, 2023

The announcement has been made regarding a major Publix produce donation for the second time in a year. The latest donation was announced this Monday which included 1.3 Million pounds of fresh produce to 32 Feeding America partner food banks this holiday season. Now, another 1.3 Million pounds of produce is being donated by Publix at Thanksgiving.

Publix is contributing donations as part of its biannual Feeding More Together register campaign. They allocate $10 million annually to buy and deliver produce to Feeding America partner food banks. Customer donations support local food banks and pantries by providing shelf-stable and perishable food. In 2023, Publix had already donated over 24 million pounds of produce to Feeding America partner food banks.

Out of the 32 food banks, seven are in Florida and two food banks are on the west coast of the state. 

Publix CEO Todd Jones said, “As we head into a season that should be full of joy, many families and individuals in our communities struggle to put food on their tables. We want to help make this time a little brighter by providing fresh produce for people in need. At Publix, we’re committed to helping alleviate hunger and doing good, together for our communities.”

Publix has more than 250,000 associates currently operating in 1359 stores in Florida, Alabama, Georgia, Virginia, North Carolina And Tennessee.

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