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Smaller Food Banks Merged To Help Food-Insecure People Get Access To Food

Two smaller food banks were merged to provide people in need access to food and fulfill their nutritional needs.

August 3, 2023

Two non-profit food banks in Jacksonville and Gainesville have merged to serve 265,000 people across North Florida.

Jacksonville food bank was established in 2014 and is the region’s largest food bank entrusted with the responsibility of distributing food to needy people in eight counties. Contrary to this, there is another food bank in Gainesville easing the food insecurity in five counties over the past 35 years.

Consequently, the smaller food bank merged with the larger food bank on May 1. The merger is part of the project “Feeding America” which includes food banks in both areas. The main goal of the Jacksonville food bank was to align resources and support services across North and Central Florida.

The main mission of these food banks is to alleviate hunger and build stronger, resilient communities. This merger will enable the food banks to reach more individuals and families who need food and look out for the root causes of hunger.

Also, the Gainesville food bank will serve as a strong community resource and exceed the services it has been providing so far.

Merging the food banks will not only increase the resources but also the capabilities which would not be possible if smaller banks were operating.

The people suffering from food insecurity in Feeding Northeast Florida’s new 12-county service area are around 265,000. It simply brings to light the lack of access to food. The major causes leading to food insecurity include poverty, lack of affordable housing, lack of access to healthcare, racial discrimination, and unemployment.

Consequently, food banks must distribute food directly to the hungry people in communities. Due to the covid-19 pandemic, inflation, and rising costs, the demand for food in food banks has increased. This is why two food banks have been merged to give people access to food.

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