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SNAP Benefits Falling Short In Front Of Inflation In Rhode Island

The residents participating in SNAP are being left due to budget holes as the prices of groceries shoot up. 

October 20, 2023

As per the latest report on hunger by the Rhode Island Community Food Bank, families are burning through food benefits faster than the federal government can issue them. The reason behind this is the rising cost of groceries due to inflation. 

Most of the people relying on food banks are also using the SNAP benefits. But the concern is that 70% of people are using SNAP benefits within two weeks only. 

The average amount Rhode Island households receive via SNAP is $315 per month which comes down to $80 per week. But this money is not enough.

The food bank CEO also asked the households how much money they would need for a week to afford adequate food for themselves. The state received $13 Million per month which means $55 per month extra every month for the households during the pandemic. 

The food bank’s latest hunger survey, its first since 2019, highlights the significant impact of the pandemic on food needs. The report shows a substantial rise in individuals seeking food assistance in Rhode Island, with monthly requests increasing from approximately 53,000 in 2019 to around 75,000 in 2023.

Apart from the food, the cost of housing has also increased due to the rising rents. Besides this, gas, clothing, new cars, and other such things have also become expensive. 

The people who were part of the survey used to stay in temporary housing such as shelter or without shelter. The key is to make more efforts to reduce poverty, hunger and alleviate the hardships faced by low-income families. 

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