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West Virginia To Address Food Insecurity, Gets $10 Million

 An emergency fund has been given to the food banks and pantries in West Virginia to help hungry people afford meals. 


October 25, 2023

 The Governor announced a $10 Million fund to address food insecurity in West Virginia. 

The Governor also revealed that the state’s largest food banks, Mountaineer Food Bank and Facing Hunger FoodBank are supported by the emergency food fund. 

Both these organizations provide meals to food pantries across 55 counties in West Virginia. 

Governor Justice said, “We won’t allow West Virginians to go hungry during the holiday season when food insecurity is a big concern. The Posey Perry Emergency Food Fund gives our food banks a little extra help to make sure everyone has food on their table. When we pull the rope together, we can make amazing things happen, and this is an example. I’m thankful for the great work our food banks do, and I know this is going to really make a difference for West Virginia families.”

The food pantries associated with the above-stated food banks are encouraged to seek funding by reaching out to these organizations. 

The Posey Perry Emergency Food Fund gives a tribute to the late Posey Perry who volunteered tirelessly at food banks for several years. 

It is hoped that the emergency fund will have a positive impact on the people struggling with hunger in the state. This grant will make sure that no one in West Virginia goes to bed hungry. 

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