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HUD To Award $25 Million To Seven PHAs

HUD is awarding $25 Million to seven PHAs to address the barriers families face in using the housing choice voucher and help more families secure housing.

November 30, 2023

The Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) gave $25 Million in Housing Mobility Related Services Awards to seven PHA’s across the country. These funds aim to expand housing choices for families having housing choice vouchers and increase access to neighborhoods having schools, jobs, parks, and other amenities.

HUD’s Secretary Marcia L. Fudge said, “Every parent knows the value of providing a safe and secure place for their child to call home. Stability at home helps promote their future success–in school and onwards. As HUD works to expand affordable housing and ensure economic mobility is possible for all families, these Housing Mobility-Related Services awards will boost access to housing vouchers for families who need them the most.”

These funds will enable the Public Housing Authorities to administer housing mobility programs which in turn will increase the number of families with children living in neighborhoods with low poverty levels.

The announcement was made by Richard J. Monocchio. The awardees who were given funds include the Boston Housing Authority, Houston Housing Authority, Birmingham Housing Authority, Seattle Housing Authority, and Dallas Housing Authority.

This program is modeled after HUD’s Community Choice Demonstration program, which is grounded in research indicating that growing up in neighborhoods with lower poverty levels can enhance children’s academic performance, increase their long-term prospects for success, and decrease intergenerational poverty. It has been observed that children who relocate to low-poverty neighborhoods also exhibit lower hospitalization rates, reduced hospital expenses, and certain improvements in long-term mental health. Furthermore, adults who are allowed to move to low-poverty neighborhoods experience a decrease in obesity and diabetes rates.

At present, HCV offers families an opportunity to live in the neighborhood of their choice but soon it may continue to encounter barriers in using the vouchers in communities with expanded opportunities. Some of the barriers include the inability to save money for a security deposit, lack of time to find a unit, landlord unwillingness, and limited awareness of amenities.

The Housing Choice Voucher Mobility Services Program will support PHAs to address these barriers to accessing housing choices and increase the number of voucher families living in opportunity areas. PHAs will adopt administrative policies to enable landlord participation and reduce barriers for families.

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