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HUD to give $25 Million to public housing authorities to help families get access to better housing; schools

HUD encourages public housing authorities to apply for funding and provides better housing facilities to people.

June 1, 2023

Washington- Nearly $25 Million was awarded to Public Housing Authorities by the Department of Housing and Urban Development for housing choice voucher mobility services. With the help of this program, the PHAs will be able to assist 6000 families with children to access low-poverty neighborhoods with high-performing schools and other community resources.

HUD’s Secretary, Marcia L. Fudge said, “Access to educational opportunities and other resources have lasting impacts on the lives of families with children. Through Mobility Services, families will have the option to live in better neighborhoods with good schools so that their quality of life and health improve, and their children can thrive.”

The basis of the program is HUD’s Community Choice Demonstration Program. This program is based on the research that growing up in low-poverty neighborhoods improves children’s chances of success and reduces intergenerational poverty. The children residing in low-poverty neighborhoods also experience lower rates of hospitalization, hospital spending, and a significant improvement in mental health. Likewise, if adults are given a chance to move to low-poverty neighborhoods, they tend to experience a decrease in obesity and diabetes.

Despite the current availability of the Housing Choice Voucher (HCV) program, which grants families with vouchers the freedom to select their preferred neighborhoods, including those with low poverty rates and enhanced opportunities, it is important to acknowledge that families utilizing HCVs may still face obstacles when attempting to use their vouchers in communities with expanded opportunities. The barriers which might obstruct families from using vouchers include the inability to save money, inadequate time, the unwillingness of the landlord, and limited know-how of neighborhood amenities.

Fortunately, the Housing Choice Voucher Mobility Services program will help PHA to address these barriers by offering mobility-related services. Besides the mobility-related services, PHAs will also adopt administrative policies enabling housing mobility, increasing landlord participation, and reducing barriers to families about PHA jurisdictions.

The applicants can get to know the process and eligibility requirements online to apply for the housing choice voucher mobility services funding program.

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