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HUD To Grant $50 Million To Tucson To Redevelop Tucson House

The city of Tucson is all set to redevelop Tucson houses along with the entire Thrive in the 05 neighborhood.

August 28, 2023

Phoenix- Recently an announcement was made by the Department of Housing and Urban Development Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary, Richard Monochhio regarding awarding the Choice Neighborhoods Implementation Grant for $50 Million to the Tucson city to redevelop Tucsan House. The HUD leadership team will travel throughout the month across the country to invest in and empower local communities to increase affordable housing supply through building preservation and innovation.

HUD Secretary Marcia L. Fudge said, “I am pleased to see Tucson is receiving this Choice Neighborhoods award. The City of Tucson has demonstrated its commitment to neighborhood revitalization, having collaborated with community members to create a transformation plan for the Tucson House and the Thrive in the 05 neighborhood. This public investment will give the local leaders the resources they need to achieve their vision for The 05.”

Secretary Fudge also announced that the $370 Million grants will also be awarded to seven other communities throughout the country. The grants will not only provide services to residents focusing on Income, health, and education but will revitalize and transform distressed public and affordable housing.

The CNI grants will be used to fund the creation of mixed-income housing communities, aid in revitalization efforts focussing on Housing, people, and neighborhoods, and improve economic development opportunities.

The main aim of “HUD on the Road” is to make HUD more accessible, and enhance wealth-building and homeownership opportunities for all Americans. HUD leaders are on a mission to create a brighter and more inclusive future, fostering a stronger nation to provide housing and economic opportunities to everyone out there.

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