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HUD To Invest $2.25 Million In Staten Island Affordable Housing

 HUD plans to invest $2.25 Million in affordable housing to make it more modern and make a difference in utility costs. 


September 21, 2023

Amidst the rallies and protests in New York during the climate month, money is also being spent on innovative and new ways to combat climate change.

The White House is pledging Millions of dollars to make affordable housing modern. Consequently, the Department of Housing and Urban Development invested $2.25 Million in Park Hill Apartments. 

With the help of this money, the Park Hill Apartments can upgrade the HVAC system and install modern electric appliances. All these small things such as stoves, refrigerators, and others make a huge difference in utility costs. 

No doubt that the building is owned privately by a large landlord but it is subsidized by HUD to help low-income people who cannot afford housing. It simply means that modern improvements cannot take place without government intervention. 

The owner of the building believes that HUD’s intervention and investment will make the building a better unit and will provide a better overall life to the residents. The direct impact of this would be that tenants might be able to make utility bill savings every month once the work is completed.

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