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Biden-Harris Administration To Partner With States To Address Homelessness

The Department of Health and Human Services along with the HUD’s Accelerator program will help states to make it easier for people with complex medical needs to get into stable housing.

February 9, 2024

Washington- The Department of Health and Human Services along with the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) are announcing that eight states and the District of Columbia have been selected to participate in the new federal initiative known as the Housing and Services Partnership Accelerator to strengthen partnerships across housing, disability, aging, and strive to keep people healthy.

This will enable eight states and DC to unlock critical resources and reduce homelessness by addressing health-related needs such as housing-related services. States will be given technical assistance regarding clinically appropriate and evidence-based services covered under Medicaid and the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP). Besides this, the states can provide services connecting people to HUD housing programs by covering housing costs like rental application fees or security deposits for specific transitions.

HUD’s Secretary Marcia L. Fudge said, “Since Day One of the Biden-Harris Administration, HUD has worked to not only expand the availability of housing assistance but to ensure people experiencing homelessness have access to supportive services so they can permanently transition to housing. We are proud to partner with HHS and Secretary Becerra to take that work even further.”

HHS and HUD announced Accelerator in November 2023 as a technical assistance opportunity for states. States having approved Medicaid section 1115 or amendments covering housing-related support services were eligible to apply. States were asked to form collaborative teams of partners from their health, housing, aging, and disability sectors as a part of their accelerator application.

HHS and HUD received overwhelming responses by getting applications from 15 states and DC. The states selected by HUD and HHS include California, Arizona, Washington, North Carolina, Minnesota, Massachusetts, Hawaii, Maryland and the District of Columbia.

HUD and HHS will offer intensive federal technical assistance and opportunities for state peer-to-peer exchange to eight states and Washington D.C in the next year. This support aims to help them implement Medicaid programs that provide housing-related services and support for people with complex health needs who are experiencing or at risk of homelessness. This includes individuals with disabilities, older adults, and those with mental health or substance use disorders, as well as other chronic medical conditions.

The federal assistance will enhance the coordination and delivery of various services, including navigation services, ongoing individualized case management, one-time transition assistance, and home modifications, all of which are essential in helping people at risk of homelessness to secure and sustain stable housing.

HUD announced $3.16 Billion in funding last week to fund 7000 housing and services projects for people experiencing homelessness. HHS published guidance and framework clarifying the flexibilities available to states under Medicaid section 1115 to cover services and receive federal matching funds. The Accelerator initiative will provide tailored support to the eight states and DC that are early adopters of these flexibilities.

States that have not been selected can apply for the technical assistance opportunity funded by HHS via the Health Resources and Services Administration. Health and Housing Initiative in its third year also supports states to increase access to safe, affordable housing and wrap-around services. The applications for this can be submitted by February 13, 2024.

HHS, HUD, and USICH will host an in-person convening for eight states and DC participating in Accelerator later this year.

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