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California To Take Action To End Homelessness

The state is coming up with free housing for homeless Californians by purchasing small homes by the end of the month.

October 13, 2023

Multiple new efforts have been announced by Governor Gavin Newsom to tackle homelessness and provide an update on the work done by the state to deliver more than 1,200 small homes to communities across California. 

The announcement made today advances the administration’s Multi-Pronged approach to address the needs of the individuals experiencing homelessness with the help of every tool available. This includes moving people from the streets into permanent housing. 

Governor Newsom said, “The state’s homelessness crisis has been decades in the making. While there’s more work to be done, we are challenging the status quo with new, innovative solutions to get Californians off the streets and into housing”. 

Recently $179.7 Million in grants for Homekey to create 710 housing units through nine developments in Los Angeles, Fresno, San Diego, Visalia, Modesto, and Sacramento.

Consequently, a $736 Million investment has been made to address homelessness statewide via the acquisition and construction of permanent homeless housing. With this, the number of units has increased to 13,484 homes throughout the state. 

The administration has made significant progress by working with local governments to deliver these housing units across the state. 

The state, along with local partners, has swiftly chosen site locations, requested bids, signed contracts, and introduced trailer bill legislation. This accelerates projects by providing the California Department of General Services with enhanced contracting flexibility. 

The Newsom Administration is concluding a contract for the purchase of small homes, covering 1,200 units. This contract can also serve as a model for other Californian local governments interested in procuring similar housing solutions with their funds.

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California Takes Action to Tackle Homelessness | California Governor

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