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Chavez DeRemer Speaks About Homelessness in Oregon

Chavez Deremer was not familiar with the efforts the state was making to address homelessness but asserted that she’d find a way to get federal money.

January 25, 2024

Oregon City- U.S. Representative Chavez Deremer was in a discussion with the local elected officials and service providers but left the discussion and took a pledge to find more federal funding for homelessness.

A meeting was held in a tent in the parking lot of Father’s Heart Street Ministry in Oregon City. This day center offers meals, laundry, and shower facilities and assists in connecting homeless individuals with various services. Following her discussion, Chavez-DeRemer took a tour of the center.

During last year’s annual Point in Time Count, more than 200 Oregonians lacked housing due to which, the state has ranked homelessness as the top issue. It’s the main priority for the Legislature at present and many officials are urging to spend at least $600 Million to increase the supply of housing, maintain shelter resources, and provide rent assistance to prevent Oregonians from falling into homelessness.

Chavez Deremer during her interaction with the reporters said that she was not aware of the legislature’s efforts towards housing and homelessness.

Marion County Commissioner Danielle Bethell was also homeless when she was a child because her mother had a chronic illness. The county’s efforts to end homelessness have run into barriers with the state and federal agencies telling Chavez Deremer that Congress should send money directly to counties.

Martha Schrader, a Democratic member of the Clackamas County Commission, encouraged Chavez-DeRemer to advocate for ongoing funding of the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, particularly emphasizing the importance of the department’s community development block grants. Schrader highlighted that such grants, along with other federal and state funding, were instrumental in helping Clackamas County transition over 650 formerly homeless individuals into permanent housing in the previous fiscal year.

She also said that the federal government should invest in other services such as job training, child care, and financial coaching to help people avoid homelessness.

Schrader said, “Getting people back to work after they’ve been placed in housing and stabilized is a key pathway to success”.

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