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Collaborative Efforts Made To Tackle Homelessness In Hawaii

The meeting was conducted to discuss the possible solutions to the complex homelessness crisis in Hawaii. 

November 22, 2023

Wheeler Army Airfield, Hawaii- Col. Steven McGunegle and Col. Charles Green, representing the U.S. Army Garrison Hawaii, held a meeting with Representative Trish La Chica on November 8, 2023, to discuss homelessness-related issues, marking a significant step towards addressing the challenge of homelessness. The discussions were mainly centered around the issue of homelessness especially the encroachment of homeless encampments on federal property in Hawaii. 

The meeting marked the efforts to address the challenges posed by the homeless encampments. 

Representative La Chica had first-hand experience observing the operation of homeless sweeps and brought valuable insights to the table. The talks centered around the complex homeless situation in Hawaii such as hurdles and the coordination required with various agencies. 

The discussion also talked about removing debris and hazardous wastes from these sites. During their meeting, the group recognized that financial and logistical challenges related to homeless encampments were significant concerns that needed to be addressed.

The meeting also opened up conversations about long-term solutions and strategies to address the issue of homelessness in Hawaii. This means exploring models from other areas of the country that can be implemented in the Hawaiian context. 

The meeting turned out to be a constructive step towards finding effective solutions to overcome the challenges of homelessness in Hawaii. The discussions also brought to light the commitment to address this issue together and the significance of working together across diverse levels of government. 

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Collaborative Efforts to Tackle Homelessness at Kīpapa Gulch | Article | The United States Army

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