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Despite Tent Ban, Homeless Encampments Remain Intact In Portland

Despite the city council banning sleeping and staying in tents, homeless encampments remain intact in Portland.

August 23, 2023

There was a ban imposed on the homeless camping in Portland to eliminate the tents spilled over sidewalks and those who have made their homes on Public property. The ordinance was passed last month attempting to only allow people to camp in non-restricted areas with the condition to dismantle the camps the next morning.

People are not allowed to block access to businesses with sidewalks with tents from 8 am-8 pm. Besides this, the homeless encampments are also not allowed in city parks or within 250 feet of the school, child care center, and city-operated homeless shelter.

These new rules came into effect on July 7 but were not enforced. An announcement was made regarding when the enforcement will take place.

Ted Wheeler said, “Over the next few months, we will be focused on education and outreach – ensuring all outreach teams, City employees, [police] staff, and others have clear and thorough information on this new ordinance”.

A woman named Lori who was recently moved into housing from the streets feels that this ban will make Portland 100 times worse by forcing homeless people to roam around the city instead of staying in their tents.

Two written warnings will be issued to the people who violate the ordinance. Still, if the violation persists, then a fine of up to $100 will be imposed or there will be jail for 30 days. By enforcing this ordinance, the people will be connected to the resources along with addressing the damaging behavior to the community.

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