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Federal, State, And Local Officials Come Forward To Help Homeless Migrants In Tukwila

The number of homeless migrants in Tukwila has increased amidst the state of emergency as announced by the Mayor. 

October 9, 2023

Mayor declared a state of emergency in Tukwila and federal, state, and local officials are creating a plan to deal with the homeless people in Washington. 

A task force to deal with this includes officials from the Governor’s office, Port of Seattle and Tukwila, state lawmakers, and King County will focus on how to find housing and services for around 185 people living on Tukwila’s church property. 

The task force will decide if the services available to refugees can be used by the ones seeking asylum and whether the homelessness authority can vacant some housing and shelter options or not. 

The emergency was declared to get additional money and provide more flexibility to address the large encampment. Tukwila’s mayor urged for more support and resources other than what the city can offer. 

Nearly 400 people are asking for help at Riverton United Methodist Church. The homeless people are living in tents or are packed into the church’s building on the property. Nearly 50-100 migrants are also homeless in other parts of Washington. 

The government leaders in Washington are clear about the growing crisis in Tukwila but no one has come forward saying that their hands are tied. 

More than 60 people met in Riverton’s Sanctuary on Monday to see the crisis and discuss the available solutions. A new task force has also been established to discuss the same. 

Upon finding out that 70 children were staying in tents and had no shelter, the office came forward to provide legal help to the people seeking asylum. 

The details regarding how the task force will operate, what it will do, and what kind of resources it can access are not known. 

The primary concern for opening shelters designated for emergency weather situations by the Regional Homelessness Authority is securing necessary funding for operation and staffing. While a state-administered fund primarily supported by federal dollars is available for refugees with legal U.S. status, additional state contributions could extend support to asylum-seekers as well.

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