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Fort Smith Set To Build 30 Tiny Homes For The Homeless People

The new project is dedicated to homeless people and includes building 30 new tiny homes for the homeless population and giving them permanent housing.

August 20, 2023

Fort Smith, Arkansas- The development of a new facility is taking place for Next Step Homeless Services (NSHS) in Fort Smith. NSHS is a non-profit organization raising money to build a new Central Campus at the corner of South 6th and I Streets Downtown, where their new offices are located.

The estimated total cost of the project will be around $4 Million. The new location will include 30 tiny homes of 100 sq. feet each where the homeless individuals can easily live. It will be deemed as bridge housing.

The ones staying in those tiny houses will be allowed to work through the Next Step Program and eventually, they’ll be moved to permanent housing. There’s a long way to ending homelessness.

Fort Smith lacks enough housing for homeless people. The new location about to be built will act as an emergency shelter without any walk-in services. The only service provided will be housing.

Chatman said, “We’ll still maintain a street outreach program where we’re going out like we do right now we go out and try to meet the needs of people on the street get to know them, build a relationship, so that we can interview them for the kind of housing that we’ll have”.

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