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Hennepin County Helping Homeless Population as Temperatures Go Down

Hennepin County is coming forward to help the homeless population as the temperatures are going down.

January 10, 2024

Minneapolis- Hundreds of People in the Twin Cities metro will be sleeping outside when it feels like 20 below. The outreach team of Hennepin County’s street is working overtime such as Randy Flowers to make sure no one gets left out in the cold.

The work was ramping up inside Hope Avenue, a day shelter for the ones experiencing homelessness. Flowers said that the street outreach team meets with clients looking to get connected with resources every Wednesday.

Randy Flowers said, “What we do is give them the tools that are necessary for them to be housed”. Along with this, the homeless are also given options for warming centers and shelters. They can search for the homeless shelters near me to house themselves.

The cold wind chills have forced many homeless people to move to Hope Avenue for resources. These types of places are crucial for people just living. Flowers has been working non-stop since she has been working here.

Hennepin County had around 469 people sleeping outside in the last definitive count. Connecting people is crucial to the apparent need.

The pamphlets are also passed out daily to clients where warning spots are and tell homeless people where they can go for boots, clothing, and food.

The shelter beds became available at the start of the year only bringing the total number to 900 beds. Flowers said that they are working to save lives.

Last Updated: September 20, 2021