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Homelessness Among Veterans On The Rise In San Diego

The number of homeless veterans increased by 17% in San Diego compared to a 7% increase during 2022-2023.

January 5, 2024

San Diego- The number of people experiencing homelessness is continuing to rise nationwide including the veterans in the country.

The data released by the federal government reveals that there is an increase in homelessness for the 7th year in a row. Homelessness is increasing by 12% from 2022-2023.

Military veterans are viewed as one of the most vulnerable populations in the U.S. According to the San Diego Regional Task Force On Homelessness, the veterans homelessness rose by 7% from 2022-2023, but it increased by 17% during the same period in San Diego.

Consequently, a critical part of this mission is to secure housing for veterans experiencing homelessness. One factor contributing to homelessness among veterans is the rising cost of living in San Diego.

Besides this, veterans also face unique challenges as they transition from military life back to civilian life because they have often experienced combat and endured trauma.

Veterans are finding themselves on the streets with their families either living in cars or under bridges.

Potash has first-hand experience of this as he himself as a veteran has dealt with PTSD and found himself homeless after leaving the U.S. Army.

Potash said, “I knew I needed the help because I knew I couldn’t survive in my car anymore — so I sought out the help, and fortunately it turned out for the better for me.”

The barriers that homeless veterans experience while seeking out assistance are shame and stigma.

Potash said, “Raise your hand: tell us you need help because there are people out there who can help. This is San Diego: it is a huge military community, and there’s a lot of non-profits that are trying to help the military community.”

Potash also added that the federal government also needs to do its part and believes that the military should come forward to help the members transition back to civilian life after their service comes to an end. Doing so ensures that their housing is set up, along with their income before they leave that military base.

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