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HUD To Address Youth Homelessness In 16 Communities

The federal funding given by HUD fuels housing solutions for vulnerable youth and helps combat homelessness. 

September 22, 2023

Nearly $60.3 Million is awarded by the Department of Housing and Urban Development to build systems and end youth homelessness in 16 communities across the country including four rural communities. HUD’s Youth Homelessness Demonstration Program (YHDP) awarded this funding to support a range of housing programs such as permanent supportive housing, rapid rehousing, transitional housing, and host homes. 

HUD’s Secretary Marcia L. Fudge said, “Every young person in our country deserves a safe place to call home. Connecting homeless youth with appropriate, targeted housing and services will make an enormous difference in their lives. These federal funds will support efforts in communities across the county to provide vulnerable young people with the secure, stable, and supportive housing they urgently need.”

The Department works in collaboration with youth to develop and improve the program further using the recommendations provided by young people who have experienced homelessness in the past. HUD also partnered with youth to access the applications submitted for funding. With the help of their assessment, HUD ensured that applicants understood the needs and preferences of the young people. The Department was also in close touch with the federal partners to develop the program and review the applications. 

Deputy Secretary Adrianne Todman appreciates the youth-centric approach to ending homelessness in youth. The program addresses the unique needs of youth and comes up with specific projects to meet their needs. HUD is trying to improve outcomes via stable housing and services. 

The program recipients will make use of this funding to address youth homelessness tailored to their needs such as funding for housing units, housing support, and wrap-around services. The goal of the YHDP program is to support selected communities in the implementation of a community approach to put an end to youth homelessness. The community planning method aligns with the foundations of “All In” and emphasizes designing solutions tailored to community needs, with a focus on equitable strategies for the most vulnerable youth groups, including BIPOC, LGBTQIA+, and differently-abled individuals. YHDP communities must have Youth Action Boards, where youth with relevant personal experiences spearhead efforts to address youth homelessness. So far, HUD has granted YHDP funds to 110 communities, totaling a $440 million commitment to tackle youth homelessness.

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