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HUD to reduce unsheltered and rural homelessness with its grants and vouchers

HUD takes action to alleviate unsheltered and rural homelessness through grants and vouchers, providing essential assistance and housing opportunities to communities.

April 18, 2023

The second set of communities this week to receive grants and vouchers from the first-of-its-kind package was recently announced by the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). The grants and vouchers will be used to provide housing and supportive services to people experiencing rural homelessness.

A total of $171.2 Million in grants will be issued for 115 new projects in 29 communities which makes the total value of grants to be $486 Million for 62 communities. HUD is also inviting 139 Public Housing Vouchers to accept around 3,300 vouchers and make room for people experiencing homelessness to afford stable housing.

In addition to this, there are several other actions taken by the Bidden-Harris administration to address homelessness. President Biden’s goal is to reduce homelessness by 25% by 2025. Bidden also provided one of the largest investments in ending homelessness by signing the American Rescue Plan in 2021.

USICH, HUD, and VA also collaborated with more than 100 communities to move around 140,000 people from the streets into permanent homes in a year. Not only this, USICH and the White House will also launch another initiative to target specific cities and reduce homelessness.

These resources will help in reducing unsheltered homelessness and avoiding approaches that criminalize homelessness.

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