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Jeff Olivet Visits New Mexico To Discuss The Challenges Of Homelessness And The Possible Solutions

USICH along with other departments and agencies is committed to eliminating homelessness and providing suitable homes to all Americans.

August 8, 2023

Upon visiting New Mexico, USICH Director Jeff Olivet revealed a 48% increase in homelessness compared to the previous year 2022. The reason behind the rising homelessness is a 50% decline in the number of affordable homes along with a 70% increase in rents.

The USICH director held several meetings with many state and local leaders which in turn brought together agencies, providers, advocates, and developers. Olivet discussed the challenges and possible solutions to the issue of homelessness and how the federal government can help New Mexico people transition from streets to safe homes with a special emphasis on tribal sovereign nations and governor’s orders regarding tribal housing and rural development.

It also collaborated with the Community Safety Department to handle calls from people experiencing homelessness and from the ones shifting from low to public health experts.

USICH Director Olivet said, “The trends we are seeing in New Mexico mirror the rest of the country: Our nation’s lack of affordable housing, high rents, and relatively low wages are creating a homelessness crisis. But I commend the work of the state and communities in New Mexico. They are not only investing in housing and services that help people stay housed, but they also understand the need to invest in rental aid, mental health and substance use treatment, and other programs that are proven to keep people from losing their homes in the first place.”

Olivet during his stay in New Mexico visited numerous shelters such as Consuela’s Palace. It used to be a vacant college which was now converted into a shelter for people who had no home for social distancing during the pandemic and is made into a permanent shelter.

The Biden-Harris administration is committed to working with communities dedicated to addressing the homelessness crisis. Its goal is to reduce homelessness by 25% by 2025. The White House along with USICH has launched an initiative to reduce unsheltered homelessness.

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