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Rockdale County To Develop Task Force For Addressing Homeless Community

A special task force has been developed to address the issue of homelessness and take note of the homeless population in Rockdale Community. 

September 15, 2023

For many years, Homelessness has stirred sentiments and exchange of ideas between city and county officials in Rockdale County.

The homelessness issue aligns with the current housing crisis and is making its way across the United States. Consequently, county officials have partnered with the city of Conyers to develop a task force to investigate and address growing concerns about the homeless population in the community. 

The chairman will choose 15 individuals to serve the Joint Conyers to represent one of five categories. Besides this, there will be educators, local clergy members, and mental health professionals who have already worked in non-profit management and social services. 

The homeless task force will go out in the next six or nine months and come back with a recommendation as to what the homeless population looks like in Rockdale County and then build the structure for this community. 

The meeting for this group will take place in October where members will be asked to engage actively in the upcoming months to achieve the desired outcomes.

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