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Veterans Experiencing Homelessness Have Access To Medical Units Now

Mobile medical units have been set up by the Department of VA to provide healthcare services to homeless veterans.

August 25, 2023

The Department of Veterans Affairs made an announcement recently to deploy 25 medical units across the country in the next six months to provide healthcare and support to veterans experiencing homelessness.

Mobile medical units are available in the form of vans or trucks that move from one location to another to meet with medical providers, such as mental health clinicians, social workers, and other staff to provide primary care, and telehealth services to eligible veterans or to those who do not have access to VA medical centers.

VA’s Homeless Patient Aligned Care Teams have made available the mobile medical units. Besides mobile medical units, 83 mobile vet centers have been already set up around the country to provide confidential counseling and outreach to eligible individuals in communities that are distant or far from existing services.

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