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Volunteers Required In North Texas For Point In Time Count Of Homeless Population

North Texas needs volunteers for the point-in-time count of the homeless population so that the organizations can get a clear picture.

January 25, 2024

Organizations can expect to get a clear picture of the homelessness crisis in North Texas and across the nation. People experiencing homelessness are being counted as part of the annual “Point in Time” Count, also known as PIT on Thursday night.

Local organizations are on the lookout for an army of volunteers to make sure that the unseen are seen and counted.

Volunteers must be at least 18 years of age on the night of the count and need to provide the contact information of each team member. Besides this, volunteers are required to complete participant agreement and waiver forms.

The organizations will be delivering care packages and other resources to individual volunteers during the count.

The Point-in-Time (PIT) count, mandated by the federal government across all states, is crucial for maintaining accurate homelessness statistics. This count assists organizations in securing federal funding and grants to tackle homelessness.

Numerous organizations in Texas conducted the PIT count simultaneously on January 25. In Tarrant County, homelessness numbers were stable for several years before seeing a significant drop in 2021, attributed to an influx of federal funding for homelessness relief, but this trend changed in the following year.Inflation coupled with the rising demand for housing has put a strain on families.

Executive Director of Tarrant County Lauren King said, “For years, probably decades, people have told us that the number one reason they’re experiencing homelessness is because they have an inability to pay rent. So we’ve seen that continue to happen. It’s not even evictions. Often families will come to us and say my lease is ending, but my landlord is raising my rent by $300 to $500. The demand is just there so people are moving here at a very, very fast rate. Our housing market has not kept up with that. As people are moving here, we are not producing housing at the same rate. So that’s really significant.”

The Department of Veteran Affairs has invested in housing due to which veteran homelessness has decreased. All counting organizations will give a presentation to reveal the numbers this week. Consequently, actions will be taken to end homelessness in North Texas.

King said, “Everyone from elected officials to funders to nonprofits serving people experiencing homelessness — we all have a common vision of a vibrant community where everyone has a place to call home. And we are all working toward that. So we are truly housing focused and working on getting people out of homelessness and back to a place to call home”.

This latest count comes days after the Dallas Mayor released his first report on the success of the task force so far. Some recommended solutions for this include increasing available housing and more access to behavioral health services.

Dallas City leaders also held a special session which witnessed public comments by businesses and property owners about homeless encampments near roadways and neighborhoods.

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