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Young Homeless Adults Can Apply For Permanent Housing At Harmons Gardens

Harmons Gardens is providing permanent housing opportunities to young homeless people between 18-24 years of age.

August 19, 2023

The people aged between 18-24 experiencing homelessness can apply for the waiting list till July 12 for Harmon Gardens. Harmon Gardens is a 15-unit affordable and innovative housing complex in Berkeley funded through city efforts.

The homeless applicants will be placed in a lottery system out of which, the first 25 will be taken out on a random basis.

The applicants who are applying with other persons in the households should have less than $59,200 income and less than $51,800 if applying alone. The applicants can submit the online or paper application by July 12 to enter the waiting list.

The entire waitlist process and property are looked at by Satellite Affordable Housing Associates, a non-profitable housing developer.

Harmon Gardens is a 15-unit affordable housing unit that provides permanent homes to homeless people and inculcates independent living skills in the community. The residents living in the apartment tend to receive high-level supportive services which in turn enables them to maintain the house independently.

The 15-unit apartment has been designed in such a way as to meet the needs of the target population. Besides this, the residents can easily access neighborhood amenities such as a spacious clubhouse, offices for property management, a computer room, and a laundry facility.
If you are experiencing homelessness or know someone homeless, then make sure to fill them an application and join the waitlist.

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