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Boulder County To Streamline Housing Affordability

The local housing agencies can now choose where they want to spend their money and all thanks to the moving to work program.

March 29, 2024

The Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) recognized the truth in that statement with its Moving to Work (MTV) Demonstration Program. Moving to work demonstration programs gives local housing agencies the flexibility to use Millions of federal dollars in the ways that they believe will serve their communities instead of being constrained by the usual requirements for where money must be spent.

Acting HUD Secretary Adrianne Todman said, “Housing agencies across the country have no opportunities to customize their HUD programs and funding to meet their local needs. I know that what’s critical to folks here in Boulder County is very different than in Charlotte, North Carolina, or San Diego, California.”

HUD announced on March 29 that the Boulder County Housing Authority is part of the latest MTV expansion and also the last of the additional 100 housing authorities Congress allowed HUD to select starting in 2021.

Todman said, “Imagine that you’re a housing provider, you want to build new housing — something that I know is needed here in this region — and you have all your clients, but you just need a little bit more money to make the deal work. You know you have HUD funds to do it, but you’re not allowed to. Imagine if one day HUD said to you, ‘Guess what? You now can control how you’re going to use your funds and you’re able to close that deal.”

Solutions to this are just what the Moving to Work program allows as participating housing authorities can mix their public housing operating fund, voucher funds, and public housing capital fund.

Moving to a work agency can make use of the Public Housing Capital funds to issue vouchers to develop more public housing to fit the needs of the community.

Housing authorities may get exemptions from certain public housing and voucher rules but might be required to serve low-income families if funds have not been shifted around. The main goal of the program is to promote innovative solutions for specific regions to help people get housing and stay housed.

A recent study revealed that an individual needs $96,500 to live comfortably in the U.S. whereas families need about $235,000 for the same. The need in Denver is even higher than the average which is $106,579 and $272,314.

A single-person household in Boulder making $74,400 per year is only at 80 percent of the median income and is eligible for housing choice vouchers. Likewise, if there’s a family of four, then it qualifies at 80 percent AMI with $106,240 annually.

The median purchase price is slightly lower than $1 Million to buy a home in Boulder County. The average rent for an apartment in Boulder is $2405 whereas the overall median rent in Boulder County is $1902.

Boulder County Mayor Aaron Brockett revealed that there will be 4000 affordable housing units in Boulder County which means less than 10 percent of the city’s total housing units.

Now, more people will be able to access affordable housing under the Moving to Work program. Affordable housing agencies need to apply and prove how effectively they can use and benefit from flexibility to qualify. Besides this, only agencies that HUD considers high performers will qualify for this.

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