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Housing Crisis In Oklahoma: Thousands Of People Wait For Affordable Housing

Oklahoma City is going through a severe housing crisis as thousands of people are waiting to purchase affordable houses for them.

October 17, 2023

As our state’s population expands, the housing market has seen a decline across urban, suburban, and rural areas.

The housing need of Oklahoma City is clear from its numbers. According to Oklahoma City’s housing needs data, nearly 30,000 household income earners and their families are waiting to move into Section 8 or public housing.

Nearly 35000 units are needed for low-income families. Oklahoma is considered as one of the most affordable markets but it depends on your salary. For instance, if one is earning a $7.25 wage an hour, then the gap is too much. The individuals need to work full-time to afford a one or two-bedroom apartment.

Shinn and his coworkers who are working at the Housing Authority are helping nearly 15000 households with affordable housing.

Due to the rising population, people are finding it difficult to look for a place outside the metro to live. It has become a huge concern for everyone as the communities have different needs. Some communities need more homes whereas other communities need more rental housing.

The Oklahoma Housing Finance Agency is breaking down the barriers of the widespread problem by taking help from the legislature.

The Oklahoma Housing Stability Program is going to increase the housing stock across all states. The program is still in the works but the main goal is to encourage affordable housing developments such as apartment complexes and provide payment assistance for purchasing homes.

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