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HUD To Support More Affordable Housing In Nevada

With the new agreement in place, there will be construction of more affordable housing projects in Nevada.

August 30, 2023

A new action was announced today by the Department of Housing and Urban Development and Interior to make it easy and affordable for communities in Las Vegas to build affordable housing. The Departments are establishing a process by signing a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to make eligible public lands below the market value for constructing affordable housing projects in Nevada.

Deputy Secretary Adrianne Todman said, “We are proud of the partnership with the Department of the Interior to help families in Nevada get access to homes they can afford. This builds on the Biden-Harris Administration’s efforts announced last week to ensure an increase in housing supply to lower costs across the country”.

From rebuilding the nation’s infrastructure to driving over $500 Billion in private-sector manufacturing, the Bidden-Harris administration is growing the American Economy. The administration also announced new commitments last week to expand the supply of affordable housing and lower the housing costs.

As per the new MoU, the public lands will be made available for Nevada or local government entities for 100 an acre.

This collaboration between the departments allowed the Bureau of Land Management to sell public lands within the boundary around Las Vegas for development.

To showcase the enhanced process, key officials including Laura Daniel-Davis, Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary for Land and Minerals Management, Tracy Stone-Manning, BLM Director, and leaders from HUD visited Las Vegas in April. They celebrated the successful transfer of a five-acre parcel from BLM to Clark County, Nevada. This parcel will be utilized for the construction of affordable housing for seniors in the Las Vegas metropolitan area. The project received $11.8 million in funding from Clark County, forming a part of their “Welcome Home” initiative aimed at increasing affordable housing options for the community. The facility will comprise 195 one- and two-bedroom apartments, offered at below-market rates to support low-income seniors.

SNPLMA has been able to generate more than $14 Billion through 19 rounds since its enactment. These funds have been used to fund projects and support the development of parks, trails, natural areas, habitat conservation plans, reduction in Hazardous fuels projects, and landscape restoration projects in Nevada.

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