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Humility Homes To Create An Affordable Rental With Lowe’s Help

Humility Homes has purchased the vacant homes and is now turning them into affordable rentals for needy people.

November 9, 2023

Volunteers from Lowe’s and the Humility Homes & Services community collaborated to renovate a basement unit in a Davenport rental home, converting it into an affordable two-bedroom apartment.

The project is at a two-story humility home at 1731 Marquette St. Davenport is already home to four-bedroom apartments. The new project is one of the 100 community projects in 2023 that make up the Lowe’s Hometown and includes laundry facilities for the whole building. 

Lowe’s Hometown is the largest impact program to rebuild and revitalize community spaces nationwide. The major goal of the Hometown program is to give away $100 Million in grants and 1 Million labor hours from volunteers. 

Lowe’s Assistant Manager Greer said, “Giving back to our community has been at the core of Lowe’s mission since our founding over 100 years ago. Lowe’s Hometown affordable housing is how we bring that commitment to life”. 

Nonprofits and community members are also invited to share stories of projects in need. From 93 communities across 41 states, Lowe’s Hometown projects were chosen to address specific needs of each community from housing to outdoor spaces and facilities for veterans. 

Each project will be given a grant so that they can make physical improvements and make a meaningful impact in our communities. 

Humility Homes, under the leadership of executive director Ashley Velez, received funding for a housing project, making it one of only three such projects in Iowa this year and the sole one in the Quad Cities area. This initiative addresses the pressing demand for affordable housing in the QC. The project involves adding a 1,000-square-foot apartment with one bathroom, contributing to Humility Homes’ existing inventory of 107 affordable rental units.

Humility’s monthly rent for a one-bedroom apartment is $340 and $797 for a three-bedroom apartment. Humility purchased the vacant homes and renovated four-bedroom units and left the basement for rehabilitation.

The waiting lists for the humility are quite long and will be done on a “first come first served” basis for the recipients seeking new apartments. 

Volunteers at the Marquette property are involved in various renovation tasks, including painting and landscaping, among others, as time permits. This effort to expand affordable housing options aligns with Humility’s mission to combat homelessness in the Quad Cities region.

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