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Low-Income Housing Projects On The Rise Amid The Shortage Persists

Despite the construction of new housing units, the shortage of affordable homes tends to persist among people.

October 19, 2023

The recent estimates reveal that Minnesota is short of 100,000 housing units for low-income populations. Some poverty-fighting offices are playing a huge role in getting more projects off the ground to help meet demand. 

The Executive Director also revealed that housing is at the top of their list. Her staff has collaborated with Northfield City on a new set of townhomes. She said that the main aim of the project is to give low to moderate-income applicants a much-needed option as many people are prized out of the market. 

The housing project is meant to provide more family units along with the price that people can afford. 

The newly built 32 Townhomes are not just built with availability in mind but also according to the ideal family liveability along with nearby parks and schools. The housing industry along with other stakeholders needs to act with urgency to speed up additional development as demand is showing no signs of decline. 

Each year, nearly 1,000 people are turned away to other shelter locations. Moreover, the people are given adequate time to make the transition into the new space. The new space will be so vital when the temperatures drop as unhoused people will not be forced to stay with family and friends. 

The more needed developments will take place by securing additional state and federal funding. 


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Shortages persist but low income housing projects in MN are surfacing / Public News Service

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