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Residents Complain Of Neglect At Senior Living Complex In Tarrant, Rent Hike Paused

Residents complained about the security, safety, and rent increase and urged to pause the hike in rent. 

October 9, 2023

Residents complained about crime and neglect at a senior living complex in Tarrant and received some relief when managers announced that the hike in rent is paused for now. 

The company that owns the flats at Colebridge heard the concerns about security, safety, and cleanliness and disregarded a previous notice of rent increase to as high as $150 per month. The residents gathered in the community room to voice their concerns about neglect and poor management at the Independent living complex for seniors aged 55 or above. 

The follow-up meeting was conducted today in which it was announced that a new cleaning company has been hired so that residents can report their concerns to them. The major concern of the tenants was the rent increases. 

However, the office will have to approve a rent increase as public funding has been released to construct a 56-unit complex. 

The company secured tax credits from the Department of Housing and Urban Development’s Low-Income Housing Tax Credit program and obtained low-interest financing through the federal HOME Investment Partnerships Program, which is locally overseen by the Jefferson County Department of Community Services.

Both tenants and authorities need to continue action to improve safety, security, and quality of life at the complex. The residents should be allowed to deny strangers access to the building. Both sides must continue working together to improve the complex.

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Rent hike paused after residents complain of crime, neglect at senior living complex in Tarrant –

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