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HUD Charges Grapevine Housing Authority With Disability Discrimination

HUD charges Grapevine Housing Authority with discrimination as the property manager denied housing to the tenant because of his disability.

March 25, 2024

Washington- The Grapevine Housing Authority’s Executive Director Jane Everett and Vice Chair of Grapevine Housing Authority Bonnie McHugh were charged by the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) with discrimination against the resident based on his disability and retaliation. The Housing Authority failed to provide a reasonable accommodation to the tenant because of his disability and violated the Fair Housing Act.

HUD Principal Assistant Deputy Secretary for Fair Housing and Equal Opportunity Demetria L. McCain, “A person’s disability should never interfere with their ability to maintain access to safe and affordable housing. Today’s charge demonstrates HUD’s steadfast commitment to take appropriate action when housing providers fail to comply with the Fair Housing Act.”

HUD’s Findings in support of this charge include:

  • It is unlawful to deny housing to any renter due to his disability.
  • A Complaint is a person having disabilities that limit his daily life activities. The disabilities of the complainant include diabetes which in turn impacts his breathing, mobility, consciousness, cognition, and circulation.
  • The complainant’s Form 50058, required by HUD and utilized by Grapevine Housing Authority (GHA) indicates that a complainant is a person with a disability.

The Fair Housing Act prohibits discrimination based on income, disability, and other things. The main purpose of the Fair Housing Act is to prohibit housing providers from making housing unavailable for persons suffering from mental or physical disability. The Fair Housing Act urges housing providers to provide reasonable accommodation to people with disabilities so that they also have an equal opportunity to use and enjoy their homes.

HUD’s charge of discrimination alleges that the Grapevine Housing Authority Executive Director Ms Everett and Vice Chair Ms. McHugh terminated the lease of a tenant having diabetes following a medical emergency caused by his blood sugar levels. The Housing Authority’s Executive Director and Vice Chairman denied his reasonable accommodation request and carried the eviction proceedings against him even after his doctor gave them the evidence that his symptoms were managed after making a change in his medication and buying the medical alert bracelet.

HUD General Counsel Damon Smith said, “Public Housing Authorities may not evict tenants because of disability symptoms that can be reasonably accommodated. HUD is committed to actively enforcing the Act in its efforts to eradicate housing discrimination.”

HUD’s charge of discrimination against the Grapevine Housing Authority will be heard by the United States Administrative Law Judge unless any party chooses to have the case heard in federal district court. After the hearing, if the Judge finds out that the discrimination has occurred, the Judge may award damages to the complainant for the losses he suffered due to discrimination. Besides this, the Judge may also order injunctive relief and other relief to prevent discrimination as well as the payment of attorney fees. The Judge can also impose civil penalties to vindicate the public interest. If the case goes to the federal court, then the Judge can also award punitive damages to the complainant.

If you or someone near you believes that you have been the victim of housing discrimination, then you can reach out to HUD at the toll-free number or file your complaint at the HUD’s official website.

Housing providers and others can learn more about their responsibilities like providing reasonable accommodation and reasonable modifications for individuals with disabilities and others by going to the Fair Housing Act. Visit the Fair Housing page to learn more about the same.

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