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HUD Charges New York Corporation And Associated Entities With Housing Discrimination

HUD files charges against New York corporation and affiliated entities for fraudulent mortgage scams, specifically targeting black Caribbean homeowners.

June 13, 2023

Washington- Multiple entities and individuals related to homeowner assistance services were charged with housing discrimination by the Department of Housing and Urban Development. According to HUD’s accusation, HASNY, Amir Meiri, Herzel Meiri, Ron Meiri, Rajesh Maddiwar, Yudhamann Prashad, Jacob Samra, Springfield Realty of New York, IncMartin Development and Management, LLC, Launch Development, LLC, 272 Milford Street, LLC, Advil Capital, LLC, and Peter Mark II, LLC have been accused of unlawfully targeting New York City homeowners based on their race, color, or national origin, which violates the Fair Housing Act.

The Fair Housing Act prohibits individuals and entities from discriminating based on race, color, or national origin in real estate. Making housing unavailable because of race, color, or national origin is also prohibited by the Fair Housing Act and is considered housing discrimination.

HUD’s Secretary, Marcia L. Fudge, “It is imperative that we ensure hardworking families, regardless of racial and ethnic background, are protected against all acts of housing discrimination. The Fair Housing Act is the law of the land – and today’s charges show HUD’s commitment to rooting out these sorts of injustices across the country.”

HUD’s charge of discrimination says that HASNY and its associates targeted the homeowners for fraudulent mortgages by convincing homeowners to engage with HASNY for refinance assistance. Upon accepting their assistance, they tried to convince the homeowners to sign the documents which in turn sold their homes and forced them to vacate their homes. The housing discrimination took place in neighborhoods where the vast majority of people of color, especially black and Caribbean descent. With the help of affinity marketing, they attempted to gain the trust of elderly, vulnerable, and distressed homeowners to build relationships with the homeowners.

HUD’s General Counsel Damon Smith said, “The fraudulent and discriminatory actions of HASNY are wholly unacceptable. HUD will take action when companies or individuals conspire to defraud homeowners because of their race, color, national origin or other protected characteristic.”

The United States Administrative Law Judge is entrusted with the responsibility of overhearing HUD’s charge. The Judge may award damages to the homeowners for their losses if the Judge finds out that the discrimination has occurred. The Judge may also order other equitable relief to stop the housing discrimination. Civil penalties can also be imposed by the Judge to vindicate the public interest. Consequently, if you believe that you have experienced housing discrimination, feel free to reach out to HUD.

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