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HUD Comes In Support Of People Facing Housing Discrimination, Orders Landlords To Pay $140,649 To The Victim

HUD judge rules in a race discrimination case, ordering Plano, Texas landlords to pay $140,649 in penalties.

January 12, 2023

Washington- In a recent announcement by HUD, three Plano, Texas landlords have been ordered by an Administrative Law Judge to pay a sum of $140,649 in damages, civil penalties, and attorney’s fees for their violation of the Fair Housing Act. The ALJ found out that agents and property owners refused to rent to a black woman because of race and made discriminatory statements against the woman.

HUD’s Deputy Assistant Secretary, Demetria L. McCain said, “The ALJ’s decision recognizes the significant pain and real harm that results when housing providers violate the Fair Housing Act. Fighting illegal discrimination in housing, whether overt or covert, continues to be a top priority for HUD.”

Housing discrimination based on race, national origin, sex, religion, disability, and family status is prohibited by the Fair Housing Act. Refusing to rent the house to someone, making discriminatory statements, or misrepresenting the availability of rental housing based on the race, color, or sex of people is considered housing discrimination.

In a discrimination case filed by HUD on June 25, 2019, against Dangtran, Nguyen, and HQD Enterprise, LLC, for violating the Fair Housing Act based on race, the landlords retaliated against the woman by filing a state court claim for slander and abuse of process. However, the state court case was dismissed by a Texas judge, leading HUD to amend its Charge of Discrimination to include a retaliation claim.

The woman was not allowed to see the advertised room and made a false statement that the room was already rented despite the room lying vacant. It was also found out that the landlords used to ask for the race of the home seekers. Such things are violating the provisions of the Fair Housing Act.

The respondents were asked to pay $140,649 to the women by ALJ. The ALJ also asked the respondents to attend the Fair Housing Act and other such training to adopt the non-discriminatory policies.

Feel free to reach out to HUD or file a complaint if you feel that you have been the victim of housing discrimination.

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